WG4: Thin Film PV Manufacturing (TFPV) – Focusing VIPV and Emerging PV Segments

Working Group 4: Thin Film PV Manufacturing (TFPV)

Focusing VIPV and Emerging PV Segments

Lead by Martin Fisher (VON ARDENNE)

Thin-film PV (TFPV) technology represents a growing engaging opportunity for the PV industry development thanks to its lower production costs, better performances under high temperature, easy production process and smaller environmental footprint. The recent successes of TFPV and announcements are making it one of the key growing technologies.

In addition, the physical and design flexibility, together with its lightweight, makes the TFPV technology ideal for new applications such as vehicle integrated PV (VIPV) and some emerging segments in the built environment which are poised to become a new source of growth for PV. Finally, it can also play a fundamental role in the circular economy by providing a secondary use for mining by-products, rather than digging for new resources.

SOLARUNITED  intends to tie up the existing thin film deposition competence and know-how among equipment manufacturers, and promote its global development.

The NEW born Thin Film PV Manufacturing (TFPV) Working Group aims at:

  • Assessing capabilities of the working group consortia, primarily market access and technology know-how
  • Building up a working group consortium for going into dialogue with OEMs and PV manufacturing industry
  • Evaluating technology and cost fit between application environment and cell technology
  • Looking at emerging applications in in VIPV and potential new applications in other emerging segments
  • Establishing a specification sheet as a white paper

The first Thin Film PV Manufacturing (TFPV) Workshop took place in the VON ARDENNE Office in Dresden (Germany), 26 June 2018, to kick off the project:

  • Introducing the Thin Film PV Manufacturing working group and their aims as well as action items
  • Mapping the required value stream for TFPV cell manufacturing for VIPV
  • Investigating the working group participant´s know-how and expertise
  • Defining a working agenda and aligning the next step


Further information:
Giulia Serra – WG Coordinator