WG3: PV Localized Manufacturing

Working Group 3: PV Localized Manufacturing

Lead by Dr. Nabih Cherradi (Desert Technologies)
Supported by Jean-Marie Siefert (Jabil)

Currently, the environmental awareness and the climate change increases. Leading nations admit we are addicted to oil, but investment into alternatives has become an emergency. The switch to clean and renewable energies turn to be a necessity. Besides, dependence on external sources of energy has political and economic implications.

The use of a region’s natural resources increases the security of energy supply by ensuring a reliable source of energy. As such, governments will control own sources of energy so that their economies are less sensitive to geopolitical conditions, volatility of the global oil markets and the reality of a diminishing supply of fossil fuels.

Based on that, Localized Manufacturing can be a fundamental element of a move to a renewable energy system not dependent anymore on foreign imports.

The NEW born Localized Manufacturing Working Group aims at assessing:

  • The impact of using local manufacturing
  • The opportunities and challenges for localizing solar PV manufacturing
  • Competing in the global solar PV manufacturing Industry
  • The industrial business model and the level of the integration
  • Economies of scale in the PV Industry
  • The role of equipment manufacturers
  • The role of the raw materials supply
  • Industry sophistication and innovation potential
  • Analyzing legitimacy and effectiveness of local manufacturing
  • Potential benefits of local solar PV manufacturing
  • The impact of the local market, its size, and stability


Further information:
Giulia Serra – WG Coordinator