SUPSI and the Becquerel Institute are pleased to announce that the “BIPV Status Report 2020” is now online!

The BIPV Status Report 2020 has been developed by SUPSI and Becquerel Institute. It aims to provide a practical handbook to all stakeholders of the BIPV development process, providing insights to each of these actors, although they approach the topic of BIPV from different perspectives. This handbook highlights the main steps of BIPV’s evolution, the key challenges of the sector, the necessary interdisciplinary of the activities across the whole BIPV development process as well as the economic calculation and the cost competitiveness analysis.

The status of BIPV in Europe, relying on an extensive database of BIPV case studies and on an analysis of past and future market trends, is presented over the critical reflection on the main traits of its evolution along last decades. The case studies analysed, the database of products and the results from our applied research fully oriented to practice and to the real market, offer to architects inputs for new projects and references to quantify BIPV costs and advantages.

Moreover, the practicality of this booklet and its infographics make it a potential tool for public authorities and educational institutions to promote BIPV and, in general, the sustainability of buildings. The economic calculation and the cost competitiveness analysis can support investors, building managers and real estate developers in taking the most economically convenient decisions. The crucial question of cost competitiveness is illustrated with data coming from the real market and built examples and is representative of the common EU building typologies and building envelope solutions.

The Report is a practical handbook for solar buildings’ stakeholders and addresses the status of BIPV in Europe, including, among others:

  • The evolution of BIPV in 40 years of history
  • An overview of innovation trends
  • A database of BIPV products
  • The status and the outlook of the market
  • The economic competitiveness of BIPV solutions
  • Real building examples and their analysis

SUPSI and the Becquerel Institute would like to acknowledge the BIPVBOOST Consortium (grant agreement N° 817991), the European Union and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy which are supporting the BIPV Status Report 2020.

The Report is free of charge and can be downloaded directly from here.